Friday, May 08, 2009


Changed my phone finally. Okay, that was like 2 days ago. But yay. And my new phone very chio okay! Yep, whatever, I know you don't care :)

Um ya. Yesterday pon Chinese, Idk why but seems like majority of the Sec 3 Express students taking HMT ponned their Chinese lessons. O: Then blahblah, bused to JP with JX and HL. Went to Bakerzin for cakes. Then library. We talked more than we studied nor. Then home with JX.

Soooooo, today took SS and Chem papers.
I never study at all! G.G Okay, got la, but only browse through. GAHHHH.
Hope can pass X.X

After that, library plans canceled thanks to some people. Tsktsk.
Then went home bathe, and went out with BF! I loveeee my BF can X: Went to see the auntie again, hahaha. Treated BF yogurt. Nice nor! Then went library, slack and return books. Bused home with BF after that.

Hope tomorrow can go to beachhhhh! With BF and friends. But we only going if BF's dad free, and I hope he is free to drive us there la X.X
Anywayyyy, tomorrow evening going playground also!! :D Then can see JinFu's girlfriend wor~ xD See how we tease him tomorrow. X:

Nywaysss, happy birthday XING GAN!
Oops. I mean CheowYi :) happy birthday ye, stay sexaye! :)

Mug hard okay people.