Sunday, May 10, 2009


I wanna read Tempteddddddddd ): But not published yet d:
Fyi, its the sixth book of the HoN series.

Lalala. Just came back from Bugis. Eating my takoyaki now, :D
And I need to go out tomorrow la! So have you people decided on the plans already or not? Is go library or go play? X.X BF, Alfred, HL, faster decide lehhhhhhhh.

Oh, and I bought a book! Evermore, :D The first book of the Immortals series. I finished it in two hours ): Super right, but I don't like! I read too fast already ): So have to keep buying books, gahhhh. I spent more money on books than on clothes and stuffs this past month. Freaky la.

I scared sia,):
And I don't like this! Please stop it. I really really don't like this. GAAHHHHHH ): I already told you right. JUST GIVE UP.

Last but not leaaaaast, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL MUMMYS!
P/s. Mummy ily, HAHAHA :D