Saturday, April 25, 2009


Camped in school again today.
In computer lab almost the whole morning, played Restaurant City on Facebook most of the time (Oops.) Okay la, we got rehearse also (Once only), and did some changes here and there to the report and ppt. There were lots of laughter as per normal, and all thanks to A and I. These 2 guys are uber funny, I swear.

Went out for lunch @ Kopitiam. Treated the 3 of them bubbletea. Went to buy Ms Lim's lunch and the props etc. Went meeting room after that, presented to Ms Kwa & Ms Lim. Then made changes again. Mac after that. Punched our cards and started camwhoring, K took manymany photos, with me looking super retarded (And fugly) in everyone of them. I shall go kop the photos from her blog after she posts them up :)
P/s. I got permission from her already k.


Waaaaaa! I have no time to take my jab!
And my friggin' IC photo really sucks. I look uber fugly in it la! And I have to live with it for like, the rest of my life (Or at least until I lose it where I have to pay 100 bux to make a new one, which I hope wouldn't happen)!


3S4 is really funny.

Ms Chen: Who or what can hear ultrasound?
Class: Bats.
Ms Chen: Somemore?
Class: Batmen.

Kenny: Woo Chee HUMP.
CheeYuan: Kenny HUMP Hong Hui.
Then, Kenny(To Ms Chua): I want char kway tiao with HUMP!

Ms Chua was telling us about a dog, her cousin, and an electric collar.
Kenny: Do not harm the dog. DO NOT HUMP(HARM) THE DOG.

Mr Fong was saying that he will never ever waste his money to recover his hair loss problem. Then..
Andrew: I just saw you last *insert day* walking out from Beijing 101!

Somebody go make class blog and class tee ne?

Okay, u/d later (I think).