Thursday, February 05, 2009

Heylo people.
Previous post deleted. Too bad for you if you didn't get to read.
Well anyw, today is okayish again.

Physics, gone though the test.
I got 14 only leh! But at least pass right :/
Everyone was busy studying for Humanities later on. Got SS test.
Then have to memorise two essays lah!

Humans. Not hu-MEN. Its hu- MAN. Get it?
Okay, ummmm. The test (sucks).
I only memorise answers for the principles, good governance thing.
The other question on the traffic one, I didn't study at all! x.x


Went to lab. As usual, lab work was funnnn.
Actually we didn't do anything, only watch the teachers do demonstration.

Compre, compre, and more compre.

1 period only :D
Cause need release early for us to have lunch before LJ.
Mdm Yee gave us one question worth 50 points if we manage to solve ots, and 10 points if tmr.
I stayed in class and didn't eat anything. No recess, no lunch :/ Suprisingly I didn't have gastric like I normally do.
Then Jonathan was busy trying to solve the question lor.

Learning Journey.
Went to Marina Barrage.
Btw, we skipped Chinese! ;D

Yeah well, we went thru the galleries, etcetera, etcetera.
Then during our free time, went to cafe to eat.
I was hungry lah :/ Ate some nachos and didn't manage to finish.

Then blahblah, bused back to school.
The guys (CheeYuan & gang) were super noisy and irritating lah!
They sit at the back, keep singing in their whatever-you-call-it tone, and it was very noisy.
All the way back to school. I managed to record a small part, when they were singing Umbrella. LOL.

ANDANDAND! I think _______ is cute lahs! LOLOL.
Meanwhile, one of my friend says that _______ is cute! -.-

Okayyyyy. Photos will be uploaded next time/later.