Monday, February 02, 2009

Hellohello, my fellow earthlings.

Im having moodswing again lah.
Idk what th heck's wrong with me.
Like, in the evening, im very happy cause I passed the audition for syf lah.
Then suddenly felt very enthu, and I went to find out the courses I want to take in Poly.
After that I suddenly felt moody, and like, idk ah.
So it's like obviously moodswing right, sigh.
Maybe I will be like lmao in a few minutes again. Well, depends on whether JiaXin comes online lah.

I hate moodswings ttm lah. And obviously nobody will like them right ._.

Hmmmmm. I really feel like having sushi now.
Yah, I know that's totally irrelevant & random.
I just suddenly felt like blogging that.

Oh, and I just suddenly rmb Emelia calling th IT Rep human being today.
Since we don't know his name ._.
Then he no respond. So I was like, he's not a human being? Im being lame lah :/
See, Im feeling random now.

Ugh. Moodwings totally suck.
Right. I think I'll stop here.
And please don't say that this is not an entertaining enough post, since I blog for my own entertainment ._.

p/s. Felicia, you must cheer up lah! D:
pp/s. I forgot to do my math homework.