Saturday, January 31, 2009

Confused ,

Me & Alfred was talking in msn, then I asked him smth & to give some examples, & he said;

Alfred. says:
i feel you're a real great friend, always being there for me etc. but something that bugs me about you is your shortness.
Alfred. says:
Alfred. says:
Alfred. says:
example only
When I read I was like, wth -.- LOLOL.
But anyw, thanks Alfred! You helped me a lot by giving me advice & lame examples. :]
Oh! And he thinks Typicalben and Randy is gay! O:

But I still don't know what to say leh, how? :[
And I just don't get why the sudden question lah.

Okie, anyw.
Met Felicia in the 198 bus again, went to eat kway chap together.
I love kway chap can! ;x
Then waited for JiaXin.
Talked a bit then went school for choir lah.
And I was having moodswing today. During choir leh.
It sucks can. Me having moodswings i mean. Not choir.
Then bused home alone.
Went to aunt's house for dinner.
And played Audition with JiaXin. It was fun lah ;D

Yah lah, that's all lor.
Sad for me right? Nothing interesting ever happens nowadays. :[
Maybe something is happening right now, idk.
But anyw, that's all for today!

Just now CheeYuan sent me an sms.
CY: You are jia yi?
Me: No lah, im zhang laoshi :]
CY: Wth? Who are you?
Me: Jiayi lah -.-
CY: Oh.
Me: Stupid siah you. Say 'oh' for 3 days lah. (Inside joke)
CY: You go and oh ah oh ah with jeron for three days lah.
Me: No, you're the only one who can do things for 3 days.
CY: You go suck balls lah...
Me: Eeyer, i don't like balls lor. I prefer other things.. Like crabstick.
CY: Crabstick with balls at the side?
Me: Nah. Crabsticks, you knw, the ones in red and white? School canteen got sell one. o.o
CY: *inserts 11 smiley face*
Me: Aiya. I don't want to continue this lame conv liao. Byebye! You continue to smile for 3 days bah :]

And I suddenly miss 2i2 a lot. D: