Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello! xD

Lalaaaa. Ytr was quite fun.
Woke up in the morning, got ready to go to school.
Met ChuNing on the way to find ShiTing.
Ended up walking to school with her.
Ate some bread that MsChua bought. Not bad okayy!

Then bused to TPJC. I pinned up fringe on the way leh, guai hor?! X:
We were the third school to perform (Excluding TPJC itself).
Our turn like very fast jiu over liao lor. And it seems like MsEng likes "Abstract" songs. xD Okayy, no link I know.
Then got half hour break. Ate bread again. Got the London Choco(Vanilla) Roll also ._. I prefer the vanilla one lor.

Then went back to Auditorium & watched the other choirs perform. Some were really very nice!
Then at some point me, Angie & ChuNing were discussing about the bomb @ Bugis thingy. Y'knw, some of us received the sms saying that some terrorists are planning to bomb Bugis?
Well, who cares if you don't know.
Anyway, as I was saying, the three of us discussing about it. Then we talked as if we are the ones planning to bomb Bugis ._. LOLOL! x.x
At the end of the exchange, we had mass singing of The Whit Horses. Was quite nice leh, though quite luan also x.x

Bused back to school, went to bustop to wait for JiaXin.
Then after that we bused to Jurong Point and found Felicia. Saw Valerie.
My brother was also there with his friends but they went to a movie so I didn't see them x.x
Went to lunch @ Fig&Olive. I treated JiaXin & Felicia. As their birthday present.
And tadaaaa! The bill is .... $56+ . LOL. Abit heart pain lehs.

My fishh, Felicia & JiaXin's chicken.

Felicia & Jiaxin, Jiaxin with her big meal .

Me and Felicia.

Went to The Icing Room. Felicia paid for the cake even though she & JiaXin supposed to be the birthday girls.

Taken by the staff there. The cake o.o

This is the end product by some kids! Cute righhhhht! ;D

Walked around, went to Bata. Bought a pair of heels there x.x
Then went to Zinc, bought my polka dot bag. lolols :/
Then into Mondo we go, and I came out with another pair of heels ._.

Went to (insertnamehere) next.
Felicia made something for Jasmine, while JiaXin made a F for Felicia and Y for me for don't know what ._.
ChuNing and her friend saw us and joined us.
Then ChuNing told us to guess her friend's name. Its like so harddd can! Her name is - Etaine.

Thanks JiaXin! , Etaine the chiobu.

Me, ChuNing, JiaXin, Felicia, Etaine , Jiaxinnnn.

Ate the cake at Mac.
Then went to Cards N Such, bought a bottle like finally. Saw some nice champaigne bottles. Then I told JiaXin that I'm gonna give her one when she gets married. LOLOLLL.
Then bused home with JiaXin.

Facts of the day:
- I went out with $150, and came home with $5 ._.
- We talked about bombs the whole day.

As a side note.
Topics concerning ERP, Park-and-Ride, Population cropped up all the time. Looks like SS & Geography does affect us somehow.

I woke up at 1 today leh x.x
Now having headache, cause I slept for too long.
Alright, ciao.