Wednesday, July 16, 2008

YAY, Im here t hyper away! :D:D
Just hyper-ed in th Choir blog :\

tday, was kinda dissapointed in th class.
Only one-tenth of our class population wore ethnic costumes.

then, tday's subjects are quite boring.
Math, Mt, History, Recess.
blahblahblah :D
then Science, and went hall for assembly.

blahblahblah :D:D
then spoiled my mood,
cos some idiots keep throwing paper arnd.
then hit me.
I threw it bacq, and hit somebody else. LOL.
My aiming sucks can.
But then. Nvrm bah? Th guy said smth but i dint hear.

then went bacq class for ME.
talked about cyberbullying?
then walao lah.
Azhar & Jeron still keep calling me HARLOT.
they say i look more like one in my cheongsam.

like it or not, there's only one photo.

After sch changed back t uniform,
went t Mac with.
Angie, Eleanor, Shi Ting, Felicia.
blahblahblahblahs! :D
LOL~ :/

pple keep calling me siol.
I eat halfway, then ned pick up ph.
aft tht went t buy cheese fries for th few of th girls.
five cheese fries -.-
then i realised i left th money in sch.

So used my own money first.
then went back sch, found Shi Ting & Fel. (since they left first)
So I left his cheese fries by my bag.
ladalada, then went for choir.
BLAHBLAH, then go home lorh.
fyi, we ate Ian's cheesefries. He went home. & His money is still with me.

Im beginning t get bored.
RAWRRR. OKAY! Im gng t read my manga :D:D