Thursday, July 17, 2008

Im really wierd.
I was really very angry just moments ago.
Because of my mother.
I duno y, is it moodswings?
She blames EVERYTHING on me & my bro.
She can scold for no reason, when just moments ago she was smiling.
Just bcos of a tiny matter, she had t blow it up.
And then I got a splitting headache thanks t her.
I massage my head niah, she shout at me.
Its nt even my fault. Nor anybody else's.
I seriously duno what's wrong with her lah.
I just dun feel like talking t her right now, im totally disgusted.

Now, talk about sch?
first period, history.
& tday have test.
It was, quite easy.

then. art.
Dr Tan was made a joke as usual, and his pronunciation dint get any better either.
SIT on th floor become SHIT on th floor -.-
then we had a great time laughing. And slacking.

then math,
nth really happened.
Except tht Mrs Tay told us t get up and exercise, since she saw JianYuan lazing arnd.

& Then recess,
blahblahblah lah.
Then mt,
nth funny happen.

Science, Mr Chan dint come ^^
So free periods yeah. though we did worksheets.
tht was when th water fight started.
my class boys, damn joker.
WeiHao, Eleazar, Ian & JianYuan.
spray here spray there.
then they took hostages -.-
floor was wet :]

and finally eng.
just read passages.
then thts it.
blahblah .
went home with Felicia.

DIE LAH. tmr have chinese ting xie.
Sian nor.

tmr morning have choir. AH.
After sch also have choir.
Saturday have t wake up at normal time, T.T

gonna watch anime/ read manga now.
Kay, BYE~