Thursday, April 03, 2008


dis whole week is very busyyyy.
everyday ned stay back.

anyways tday waaaaas uh,duno what lah.

geog, then lit.
th taiwan pupils came.
all have english names one siah, o.o
then th leefongking go intro himself.
as scenery, lols.

then mt.
msdai made us draw according to th poem -.-
then jocelyn one was super art lah.
lyk those painting.

slacked in class aft tht, dint go for recess.
then english.
tday is speech & drama.

our script not yet ready lah.
toot one.
then blahblahs.
th ending is so lame ?

im th only one trying to do th script,
then when smth goes wrong, its all MY fault ?
fine, whatever.

then science.
th other groups presented th project thing.

lucky its one period only.
& mrstay dint scold.
which was a real surprise. to me.

went t find Ian Chow.
He's sick !
get well soon, ian chow. :D

blahblahs, went to buy greentea. :D
then went back, but kristie is nowhere t be seen,
& their lessons alrd started.

so went bacq canteen.
found Shi Ting and her taiwanese buddy.
lols. then i took Shi Ting's name tag.

wore it all th way up.
went lib for a few minutes,
took our bags and went t hall.

we started throwing th bottles at each other. xD
then ltr tcher came.
duno who bought a lot of raffia strings.
but still not enuf.

anyways, we started t make our pom poms !:D
then th i1 pple only sit outside slack.
so i told them t come in and help.
they all blur siah. taught them how t make th pompom.
then blahs, & had fun making pompoms. (:

then watched them struggle with their pompoms XX:
and watch th guys train.

then learnt th cheers.
then stayed back.
kristie went with ShengRong they all.

after awhile we put all th stuff at msdai's table, & we ate th cute egg tarts tht she offered us.
then went out t find huilun.
he say he'll wait for us at th door there.
then we cannot find him -.-

went into th hall t look for him.
then tht guy who mistook my waving last time came & talked t me.
I dun even know him can. Lols.
We only talk for a few times luh.

then i ask him if got see HuiLun cause he also in th tunnelball thing de.
then he say he dunno who is huilun .

then tht Jordan very impatient,
so just went without huilun.
Me, Shi Ting & Jordan.
we decided t carry our bags in front cause they will be really went if we carry them behind.
then th Jordan say what join umbrellas -.-

then th bigbig pool.
Jordan's frens run t th HDB.
we were behind them, and *SPLASHES*
my shoes & socks & skirt wet.

then blahs,
& walked t th busstop.
and& bus-ed home.

I realised tht I've been talking, smiling, & waving t ppl whom I duno or do not know very well.
Lols ! xD

okaye, I ned t go chiong my 应用文 lerhs ! D: