Friday, April 04, 2008


schooling is sian de lah.
first two periods is pw.
we havent finish th board luh.

then pe.
had to run four rounds .
ran like hell and still failed.

then english, did filing agn.
then dint go down for recess cos i ned to chiong th damn yingyongwen !

i dint do any homeworks.
then mrchan showed us a video on abortion.
its very cruel lah.
they got show the baby's body after it's sucked out from th mother's body.
then its lyk damn disgusting ?!

then had special assembly,
so skipped maths :D

th assembly started quite late, so it dragged for quite long.
then msdai say th lesson cancelled, but next week make up.
so its like one hr next week.

after dis went to find ShengRong, Leon, Edmund they all.
then went t eat.
dragged Sally along XX:
Sally, Jiaying, ZiQi, Kristie, Leon, Edmund, ShengRong.
then blahblahs,
then th few of us started talking about th abortion video.
& ShengRong was disgusted, and kept staring at us to tell us to stop.
Lol. And we bullied Sally too X:

then went back to school,
played captain's ball !:D
mylove man. (:

then we pretended not to hear the bell ring,
and went up to CE late.
some more th monitor & monitress siah. xD
but then th liu laoshi nv scold cause she setting up some stuffs.

then time passed very fast, & lesson ended. !
went to staffroom , then tht @!#!% liu laosh made me go up class t take some papers.
i went up, there's nth on th table at all -.-
went bacq down, and th liu laoshi was talking on th ph.

helped msdai do th pompoms,
then i went back a few times and liu laoshi was still talking on th ph.
then i just stayed there & help msdai & ms anna huang to make pompoms.

then blahblahs, & Shi Ting finished th class test tht she missed,
& Cheena is here. Huilun too.
So we took some pompoms and went to th corridoor there t do.

it was hot, but th fans cannot on -.-
we were tearing th pompoms, then cheowyi & cherlyn came.
went to th mama shop t buy some tidbits, i was super hungry cause i dint eat anything for th whole day.
then went back and continues doing th pompoms.

after tht Javan & Jiaxin came,
and it was too hot, so we went to th classroom.
we slacked a bit there.
But still got do th pompoms :D

then msdai call us go down.
returned her th pompoms, then she gave us a packet of M&Ms each. :D
i mean. those whu help .
But i dun think got CIP hours luh. D:
but then its still fun making th pompoms.

then ltr bus-ed home with JiaXin.

& yay, weekends are here {:
tata. :D