Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let's talk about school.
geog,dhen lit.
i was sleeping through lit lesson lah.
mr LFK talk until so boring.
dhen suddenly he say very loudly,
Oi You all dont sleep can or not?
Later Mdm Oen see dhen i this year no bonus agn.
This is alredy my fourth yr without bonus.

and scare me lah. i jump up -.-
dhen in the end go back sleep :D

then mt,
& bro took $4 from me ==
then english, science and maths.
heng no test :D

then stayed back for photo-taking.
damn tht huilun lah.
he go pull my hair dhen i was like screaming when the camera snapped.

freak him.

the fun shot we all twisted :D
ms tai, mr yeo, me, kristie, nadin,&duno who.
mr yeo acted cute. xD
- the above sentence is taken from Kristie's bloq. xD -

dhen second shot kristie and jeslynn( the sexaye one XD) made tht superman action.
then watched phang play badminton with sarah &ziqi.
he duno whad happen lahs, badminton de lose to table tennis one.

then all of us went to find mdm tok.
waited for haisong.then in the end tmr then go find her agn cause haisong havent finish the ppt.
then mdm tok pulled me to help her see mail.
she create friendster account. xD

went home with ziqi at 4 plus.
sneaked my ice cream onto the bus XD
then drip lorhs.

&me, kristie &ziqi did the following to kevin :D
Ziqi; Kevin YO!
Me; John YO!
Kristie; Herald YO!

&he turned and waved.

i guess Terence isn't tht bad.
he spoke up for us.

[: it was so lala.