Wednesday, January 16, 2008

back from camp finally.

1st day;
went campsite, settle down then brief us.
then bla bla bla.
learn cheers,it was BORING.
&go the nitro crossing thingy.
so fun lahs :D
we squeeze on the board like siao.
19 ppl leh. ==
then stupid rain ! no kayak > :(
dhen do the night activity. Kidnappped.
at night i sleep few mins wake up one time, sleep few mins wake up one time.
LOL. dhen sms ppl.

2nd day;
learn the knots and lashes thingy.
&campfire prep again.
dhen do the high elements. Broken bridge,so scary. ==
nadin stayed there th longest.
she ke lian lahs.slipped and fall. dhen all the ppl pull like siao.
tht was dam embarrasing for her.
dhen we play water. pour here pour there.
stupid huilun &hazairi.
dhen went for abseiling/zip line.
dint even touch the rope can -.-
rain, then nt enuf time. D:
dhen do campfire prep, again.
then bath &campfire :D
so sleepy.
then lights out extended til twelve,shiok lahs :D
bt then argue, dun wanna talk bout tht.
dhen sleep.

3rd day;
wake up at 4plus,dhen toilet no lights -.-
wait til 5 plus, still no lights.
in the end just go ther without light.
some ppl bring torchlight lorhs.
morning pt, then breakfast-ed.
cleaned up the place and went back sch.
stil ned copy reflections.
ahh ! ==

and now.
i stil havent touch my hw!
&tmr have maths test! D:
shyt luhs.
anyway.thts it.