Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sians lah.been slacking this few days.
by slack,i mean no homework done,cause im too lazy to do. X:

been sleeping/chionging hw through lit lessons,
being scolded every chinese lesson,
and sian-ning/trying to keep my eyes open through every other lesson.

&ther's tis tests tmr. math &geog.
haven't revise.
&haisonq have to send me the new ppt,&we have yet to come up with any script, &we have to present to tcher tmr.

and i got all my homework done, like finally.
all those hw tht i owe tcher, handed in ;D

&malay lessons were fun (:

my phone bill alredy burst in just two weeks.
wtf,how am i gonna pay this time?
i alredy pok from my previous bill -.-

had choir after sch tday.
slacking time agn.
dhen stayed to watch the NCC promotion parade.
dhey were dam slow -.-
more than half an hour.

then went home with angie(:

i hope tht there is still hope.