Friday, December 21, 2007

tday wake up very early,dhen breakfast-ed &went to sch.
saw edmund;wearing long pants le worx(:
met up wib Jiaxin &jiajia.
went up to hall &listen to the long long rubbishes by principals &tchers.
dhen halfway just went down to buy books &
all of us went seperate ways.

dhen saw christopher with his mum.
he &my bro most probably not same class;dhey must be sad.

lmao .

bought my brother's uniform,dhen went home.
i got two of th new ones too(:
but i think the formal one is still nicer. lol.

dhen went home &doodled, ziqi called me to ask if i wanted to go her hse.
but after tat she scared her parents scold,so nvr go.
&then da guys asked us go bowling.

met ziqi at de busstop.
but dhen we take wrong bus. LOL.
we see got bus we just board -.-

we supposed to meet at the Chevrons, &we on 99,
so ned take one BIG round.
one hour plus seh.

by the time we reach dher its like 3plus, we're alredy one hour late.
umm,got bryan, joel, edmund, leon, benjo, Ziqi &me.
played bowling.
i mean,i watched dhem play, cause i dun0 how to(:

aft a few games,went billard.
i dam noob can !
me &benjamin most noob de, so we two hab match tgt.
we start the ball tat time wasted a lot of time, cause we keep missing. X:
in de end i lose, cause i hit the black ball in.
&i tot it was dark blue -.-
i must be colour-blind. lol.

dhen at 5.40pm went home wib Ziqi.
reached home around 6plus.

had kfc for diner.
so fattening X:

i had my pizza &sushi,
but i hab a sudden urge for sweet butter corn &bubbletea.
so randdom. lol.

hms.actually i typed more just now,
but sudden no internet, toot lorh.
anyway,aft tat i forget whad i type le. X:
so tats it luh. [;

you dunt ned me anymore.[;