Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ah ! its so sian staying at home ! help !

i need to go shopping !
i need to do my christmas shopping !
i need my xmas prezzies !
i need more money !
i need more stuffs !
i need to be ungrounded !


siansiansian !

a lot of books out of stock.
i just went in de afternoon.
maths, history, science, etc all dunt hab.

sian ! have to go back to school agn.
my brother got into Fuhua also :D
Jiajia also got into Fuhua :D
Christopher also got into Fuhua ! :D

lmao .

i miss .
i miss .
i miss .

i wonder whad will happen when its finished.
i gtg my cousins' hse agn.
bbye [: