Saturday, December 22, 2007

tday afternoon went ziqi hse de bball court ther.
got ziqi, me, jiaxin, edmund, ben, samuel &aaron.

&i guess i sorta pangseh-ed benjamin &edmund cause i kept playing with jiaxin,samuel &aaron.
so sorrys. X:
we used bball to play soccer.
tht bball keep rolling into the mud + oil.
disgusting luh.

aaron slipped and fell in tht pool.
legs all mudd.and ther is a eathworm too.

ziqi, edmund &ben play tgt,
me, jiaxin, samuel &aaron play tgt.
so its like, different grps, nvr play tgt.

hms,went home with Jiaxin.
felt very tired,so went in room listen tuh sonqs.
dhen bath and diner.

a lot of ppl came,
so ben tell me audi we aso cannt.
but ben worse cause his cousin staying with him.
cannt touch comp.

dhen smsed Jiaxin, Ziqi.
dhen Jiaxin, Benjamin.
dhen Edmund.

i've been grounded like for very long le lorhs.
its so boring staying at home.

&tht holidays going over soon.
all of us ned chiong homework.
jiay0uu bahs [;