Tuesday, December 25, 2007

tday went ziqi's hse with for her picnic party.
there was me, jiaxin, ziqi, leon, jiayi, greta, hanbin &edmund.
brought th food down, ate& drank.
waited for hanbin tuh come, dhen played with those sprays tht he bought.

only awhile nia, dhen th sprays finish alredy.
rained a bit.

dhen sat on the playground, chatted.
dhey bball awhile, dhen duno disappear to where.
kids started coming.
so we let them play lo.

me &jiaxin waited for them to come back,
dhen edmund finally came, &played with th sprays agn(wich we told him to buy).

after tht three of them went bball-ing again.
me, Jiaxin, hanbin &edmund walked to seng siong to buy more sprays.
bought twelve.

when we went back, played awhile dhen went with the guys to arena.
ziqi &jiayi dint go.
played a bit between the noobs;
me, hanbin and jiaxin. [;

dhen went home with Jiaxin at eight(?)
&here i am(:

merryxmas to everyone (: