Friday, December 28, 2007

hais,sch gng reopen le.
so ned chiong homework.
the china trip de summary i duno hw to do lah!

1 more days : tabletennis competition.
4 more days : New Year &popo birthday.
5 more days : first day of school.

uhms, de presentation aso coming up soon.

ytr night de conference very funny lorh.
i call almost like everyone,
dhen dhey all either busy, nvr on their phones, or nvr pick up th calls.

tmr nadin coming my hse.

&my audi cannt pass my license! D:
hais.nt fair de lo.
if i pass alredy, by now i would have lvled le.
&benjamin lvl 10 le.


got to go, brother nagging.

shall post agn some other time :D