Monday, December 31, 2007

is it wrong of me to nort spend so much time on them and go on with my life?
i feel bad for doing this.
but i have been so busy recently tht i dunt have any time to care so much.
well, i duno.
everyone seems to be getting on fine.

its nort really wrong of me right?
once again, i dunt know.
its lyk, really wierd.
i dun0 how to describe this.

im still in holiday mood.
im looking forward to school start, bt at th same time i dunt want sch to reopen so fast.
thts bcause i havent touched my chinese homework.

one more day.
& i cant even go out.

tday's the last day.

im going tuh burst.

I just cant let go.
i took a long time to adjust to this
its just, not right.