Monday, December 03, 2007

ohkay peeps,
im grounded, for as long as I can rmb.

she wants the tcher's letter if i need to stay back in school for whadever reason.

just came back from msia ytr.
shall upload th photos if i have time.

went back to school this morning for the prefects interview.
it was a complete fiasco.
there, i learnt &used a new word.
anyway, i answered back with a lot of `I dont know`s & `Not sure`s.
&jonathan and th other guy was form the same primary school as me, &they had never been prefect in primary school,
so when i told them i was prefect in primary sch, they were like; good, good.

actually I dunt even care if i get in or nt.

right. guys, &girls, i updated my blog.
finally. (:
so stop complaining.

I miss China. X3

WEISING ; yo(: i missed ue too. &no, im nt gg, for ue can see that im grounded.
Ying ; yah.I miss that place. (:
jiaxin^^ ; hahs.ue also mah. jiay0uus too.
leon ; at the wrong time? hahs.
shi.tinqq ; yo(: relinnked &updated.