Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sometimes, I wish that I would be daydreaming, and will wake to find myself on the bus agn, on my seat.
Sometimes, I wish that I am in my dreams right now, and when I open my eyes, I will be back on the hotel bed, with ZiQi opposite me.
Sometimes, I wish that I could stay in China forever.
Sometimes, I wish that I could turn time back to 11 Nov, so that I could enjoy all the memories I had agn.
Sometimes, I wish that I would never wake up to find myself on my own bed in Singapore.

But, the only thing is that all these wishes are not possible.
I cant stop my tears, although im happy to be back.
It will take months, probably years, to forget these precious memories.
They are so dear to me, I'd rather I will never forget them.

bleahhs. im in msia nw, &its so damn sian.
lalalalas. (:
tmr blog agn bah.
cause i gg some wedding dinner later.
&i dunt even know whu is getting married to who.

ytr bought a christmas tree for my grandparents.
they so happy luhhs.
then decorated it.
shall upload the photos when i get back to sg.

im gg back sg on 2nd Dec, i think.
shall cont. tmr(:

god. stop me & my stupid thoughts.

shengrong ; LOL. i dunt know. when they asked for horny club, you auto go ther de.(:
yy ; yo!(: thats nice of you. thanks anw.
Emeliaa ; yo!(:
diyanah ; I love diyanah, & your relinnked! (:
WEISING ; yes, its fun.(: go out agn nxt time.
Mayfen ; relinnked!(:
c0nfused ; hahs. will try. i missed out more fun by nt gg to the bbq! D:
KRISTIE ; LOL.dunt say me lah. yourself leh? xD
Aileen ; linnked.
edmund ; linnked. &i miss China more. zz.(: