Monday, November 26, 2007

Our bags (:
The guys when we're in the temple. Ms Chan`s CHEEKY Club.
dirty sea.
HanBin's Buddy, Han Bin, & Alfred
So much food.(:
WeiYang & Benjo sleeping.
TianQing in the doggy costume.

The maglev train. which travels at 431km/h.
TianQing & JingXian
KaiYuan & Benjamin
Joel posing.
The `HORNY` Club members. LOL.

More photos coming up.\

will be gg back msia tmr.
till about 1 Dec.
sian. D: <
canot go to Kaiyuan's bbq party.

Im still missing China.
Everything there. Everyone who went there.
&we dint see each other for one/two days nia.
lol. D:

most probably will nt be blogging when im in msia,
&will be bringing my cousin along when we come back.
So that's it.