Sunday, November 25, 2007

tday gt some outing or whatever. with the taichang ppl.
reached jec at 12.30 or smth.
wait for like half an hour dhen Bryan &weising came.
then we waited & waited for the rest t come.
& finally leon, shengrong, edmund, yansen, kevin, kaiyuan, hanbin & weiyang came.
then went iceskating.

they had fun luh. i stay there look at them only.
ie only played for awhile, then help them look after their things.
then we walked to the chevrons.
wanted to play bowling, bt ther full.

so we took taxi to safti ther.
5 of us went first, then left me, weising, leon, shengrong &edmund.
we wave duno how many taxi, all also say canot 5ppl.
so in the end me, weising & shengrong one cab, leon & edmund another cab.
waste money lorh. but is shengrong pay, so nvm. xD

then go there watch the guys play pool awhile,
go &watch hanbin play arcade, then go bowling.

suber fun lorh.
edmund went home first.
after tt me & hanbin took cab home, then later the others then go home.

tday was like super hyper lorh.
nvr did so many things in a day for a long time already.

it was real fun.