Tuesday, December 04, 2007


whew, i just finished making a collage of the china trip(:
its my first time, quite messy; but i think its quite nice.

i wanna print it out, but if i do, im gonna waste a lot of ink.
so,i duno whad i wanna do now.

&i chnged my skin!(:

im currently looking for another earstick for my right earhole, cause i put 2 earstick still very loose.

wanna find someone come my hse do the china trip de summary &all.
nad &jiaxin coming my hse this friday to do our holis hmwork,
&this sat ben is having a chalet at Downtown east de Costa Sand Resort.
but too bad lorh, i grounded, so canot go.

im so rotting at home.

no much more stuff to post le.
so, seeya guys soon (:

now i wonder if i will ever forget them.