Thursday, October 18, 2007

tday very sian de.
m0re sian dhen usual X:

g0 sch wib my ggd, dhen get results from tcher &sign le, go t front porch.
dhen board th bus go t th Healthzone thingy.
when i reach ther,my first impression was like, SO CHILDISH! X:
ms chan also say its actually for kindergarden and primary sch students de. ==
dhen seperate into girs &boys, and go for th talk thingy;about puberty. LOL X:
damn funny lorhhs.(:

dhen later go 0ut le,they gib us one wksheet tell us t do.
we all als0 nvr d0 de l0 X:
just c0py/anyhow scribble/throw away, or smth lyk that XX:
bt al0t of things play. th R3 guys g0 sit 0n th tooth thingy &play poker cards lo! LOL.
dhen our class de guys g0 th super mini rock climbing thingy.
&we all go pull th sumo thingy, like siao lo!
hazairi they all th record is 280.[cause of one BIG guy X: ]
dhen we all dun0 how many ppl pull, like EIGHT or more,still can0t break their record.
very hilarious lo. xD i took some photos of us pulling,may upload it nxt time? X:

we walk around,then time up le g0 back 0utside &g0 back t sch.
dhen no recess de,bt we all complaining, so no mt lessons, go recess(:
dhen maths, &geog.
for ge0g,ms chan let us watch th Krakatou CD terrible th eruption.LOLS :X

dhen go home with ggd XD.
&dhen go IMM, eat at swensens.
dhen slack around, &go back home.

al0t of programs coming up luhh.
Rock climbing, workshops, briefings, rehearsals, choir sessions, dance practices, singing practices, birthdays, cross country run, th china trip, &going out with frens!
will crazy de X:
so many things can!

aiya,dunt care le.
go watch naruto agn! X:
byee`! x3