Saturday, October 20, 2007

zz,very sian norhhs.
aiyah,i post always write very sian de lahhs X:

anyway,tday meet Jiaxin &ziqi at th busstop, then take bus, LOL.
saw ms chan,lols.dhen later at sch see her agn ==
she was like, rmb to go for your dance hor.

gt rock climbing tday also.
then wait at 3S5 for th instructors to come.
they are supposd t come at 8am,bt we wait until 8.55 they still habent come, -.-

dhen me,ziqi &kristie need t go dance le, so g0 general office take th music rm keys.then th person say someone else alr take the keys. so we go music rm lo. dhen we wait until 9.20 the senior then come. LOLS.
dhen share th rm wib other ppl,cause they hab dance also. &anw we look so kuku l0. dun0 hw t dance de,lols. th senior ownself also forget her moves sia. &th song damn fast, we can0t catch up.then end half an hour later. we only excused from 9-10 for our dance,bt we go down at 10.30 X:

&th instructors come le. aft tt go to th rock climbing wall,put on th harness,dhen go practise first.aft awhile then start climbing.
its lyk so difficult can! v lousy lahh. prefer belaying to climbing,
bt when kristie coming down, i almost "fly" up sia X: cause I too light le. luckily hazirah holding on my arm, LOL.
then second time, I belay kristie agn. tis time when she coming down, hazirah holding on to my harness, &janeline was my backup. LOLS X:
bt even so, i still need to tiptoe. scary lorhhs.
its like so funny cn,we all laughing like siao.
dhen luch break tt time we go mac,only eat icecream &drink milo only.
dhen go back sch, continue th climbing. l0lx.
&ie gt sunburn-t. sian.
dhen go home lorhhs.

&nw, i forgot most of th dance moves le X:
gg t watch naruto agn, byee`! (:

fake-0 (:
freak-0 (:
lame- 0 (:

YI-MO [: