Tuesday, October 16, 2007

tsktsk, my middle finger very ke lian l0.
tt time playing captain`sball, kena hit by huilun throw th ball.
somemore he throw so damn hard. okay lahh,sprain my mid finger.
dhen is from last friday ouhhk, nw just starting t nt pain, tday i hit the cupboard accidentally, and my middle finger kena agn. ==
its like, wthh can! nw can0t bend; pathetic. X:

&my dear ggd &owner in tr0uble le w0rx XD
must hlp her,she t00 p0pular le.kekes. X:
gt 6ppl like her w0rx. [:

l0ls. very sian.
th m0ment ie reach hme,see my brother plus 4 of his frens ==
SIAN. X: so i l0ck myself in my room,&listen t0 songs while smsing my ggd. LOL.

ohhyea; nw i rmb why i feeling kinda depressed. X:
its bcuse 0f my results. D:
its like, v
bad l0. hais.X:

PaperONE - 47/90
PaperTWO - 63/90
ORAL - 15.5/20
OverALL - 125.5/200

P.S; my zu0 wen failed D:

OverALL; 79half/100

P.S; I l0ve th structured essay questi0ns XD. (51half/60)

OverALL; 30/50

P.S; I dint d0 quite al0t of th questi0ns X:

PaperONE -
PaperTWO -
OverALL - 22/100

P.S; I failed

science when i get all dhen post bahh.hais.
my maths! X: failed.
guess i slack too much X:
bleahhs :P
g0 watch narut0 le xD
byee`! x3

it popped, &vanished :D