Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why can't you understand?

WL. I really hate the monitor. The screen keeps changing colour like a chameleon -.- And its so irritating!

Okay, now I'm going to scold somebody up here :)
You, this ever thick-skin ass who has no sense of shame, you're actually so thick-skinned that I think you can go compete with elephant already. Don't keep thinking that you're so *cough cough* nice that there'll be boys/girls/cats/dogs/mice lining up for you okay. You're like so ____ please. You're ____ and that's why you ________ even though you ________. Don't play with other people's feelings can? Tsk. And you better stop ________!! It's frigging disgusting coming from you can!

Done! ;D

I don't know why but nowadays I always feel very tired in school then want to sleep (Especially during maths). I shake my head, pinch myself, open my eyes big big, and practically tried all the methods other people taught me to stay awake, also no use ):

Oh, all except for Jonathan's (Aka J.O.Nathan, his new nickname) way.

How do you stay awake during lessons?!?
I stay awake by having enthusiasm!! *Does the jiayou action*
*Starts laughing*

- Few minutes later -

Eh Jiayi.
I'm very tired sia, I wanna sleep!
I thought you just said that you could stay awake by having enthusiasm, and now you're saying you want to sleep?!
Feeling tired and wanting to sleep is different okay!
*Starts laughing again*

I passed my English and Physics (finally) !!
But its just borderline pass lor ):

Today's Emath paper, confirm plus chop phail! ):
And talking about phail, my Amath paper failed horrendously!! ): ): ): ):

That LLS always release us so late!

I thought Chemistry remedial ended at 1630 today so I just sat in class and talked with EP and BF. Okay, in case you don't know who EP is, he's A! (Actually I'm in a dilemma whether to put their abbreviated forms here as their nicknames or their names. But oh well, nevermind about this.) If you've check my Contacts before (which I doubt so), you'll know who they are ;)

Well anyway, after that we went to find Mr Tan at the AVA room, he's so late! Went to the corridoor there, WT and her friend asked questions first since they're Sec Fours and should be given priority.

Then later Darryl and Eugene walked past and saw me (Even though I covered my face, they still started calling me Alien -.-) and started saying that I tiao4 cao2 and they were going to tell Ms Lin. I thought they were just kidding but she really came down -.-

P/S. It's really funny the way they start using the chinese words that we learnt during class, in the wrong way, haha.

But just as well, BF and me went to some other place with her and she taught us mole calculations :) We went off when the auntie said that she's going to lock the gates soon, and its the first time I stayed in school till so late doing work.

Anyway after CT2 we'll be free for awhile, so I wanna do many things nor! X:
Go swimming, Kbox, bking, rollerblading, iceskating, beach, zoo, or to L's house to cook and celebrate? ;D

Hmmmmm. I forgot what was going through my mind earlier on. I'll post it up if I remember later on, if not then.. Goodbye.