Saturday, August 08, 2009



Have fun gay-ing with TYZ and MSA :)
And sorry I didn't go cos' I didn't know where you went!
I'll give you your card some other day ~

Okay, let's talk about ystd.

Instead of going to the library, BF came to my house and we did some work, before I start having gastric. My dad cooked me some very delicious instant noodles and we started chatting.

Dad drove us to the library, and I borrowed some books again. Train to chinese garden to find F, sat there eating soya bean icecream and talked :) L and SY came around 5 plus, then walked to the swimming pool. Met JJ there.

They made me laugh till my tummy hurts. Talked a lot of nonsense, zoo, sharks, hahahaha.

We were at the wave pool, F and SY were at the deeper part, and when I saw F and SY swimming towards us, I just said: "Sharks!" , and everyone started running towards the shallow part. HAHA.

Then blablah, bused to Jurong Point for dinner. Bought tickets for UP and sent SY to the MRT station as he wanted to go home already. Walked to F's house and went back to JP for the movie.

It ended at 12 plus, and L missed the last train already. In the end he had to take bus to Bedok and walk home to Tampines from there x.x~ BF's dad sent the rest of us home. Thankyou uncle ;D

Stayed at home for the whole day today. I know: BORING.

Well anyway no photos for today. No, not even those I took ystd at the swimming pool ;)
Kay bye.