Thursday, June 11, 2009

Raindrops on roses.

Yohz. :)

I'm going back to Malaysia tomorrow morning with my brother, mummy, and... (You'll know who if I told you.)
Coming back on Sunday.
Zandy already tell me to help her buy gum wor. So need to smuggle liao. X:

Afternoon went KFC with Boyfriend and Jiajia(BF's sister), fattening siols . X:
Cabbed to Shirley Ma , the two of them cut their hair.
Then went to their house, watch tv, watch them play Audi. Very funny la, keep laughing.

Then their daddy drove us to queensway, shopped for Boyfriend's shoe, ended up buying Jiajia's instead. Then bought Fbt :) Helped ZiYan buy also.

Then drove to Teban Market to find Auntie (their mummy).
Then over there peeling onions :)

Uncle drove us back and dropped us off at WenJun there after that.
Started playing mahjongggggg! Like so long never play already :)
Jiajia and ZiYan keep winning lor! Then Boyfriend mei you win dao.. Don't know why lei.

Then WenJun walked me home cause quite late already and its always super ulu der. And we encountered two cockroaches on the way back! Yucks, !

Okay. Its getting late.