Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Love letters.

(Left to right) JiaLin, JiaXin, Jiayi, Felicia, Neddely.

But thennnnnnn..
Warning: Long post + many pictures ahead :)

Uploading photos now.

Note: Dates are arranged backwards for easier reference.

Wednesday, 17 June

Took 185 with Boyfriend to Clementi interchange then changed bus to NP.
Learnt about different types of hotels then teabreak.
P/s. I love the cakes!
Then continued lesson on F&B.

Went to Bukit Timah Plazza for lunch with Boyfriend, Felfel, JiaLin, and Ned.
Laksa ;D Then talked a lot.

Walked back to NP, then after going to the toilet we went to Cheers (For chocolates and drinks.)

Bused to Clarke Quay/Boat Quay.
While waiting, Sonia kept looking at ang mohs and used my camera to take a few of their pictures (Secretly, of course.) Then one shirtless ang moh ran past(Jogging) and she was super cute. We kept fanning her cause scared she faint X: Hahaha.

Boyf hugging the lion?

Mr Lion took WuYing's bag!
So Wuying took her bag back from Mr Lion!
(Lame -.-)

Pictures Sonia took with my cam.

Took the river cruise on the Singapore River. Keep finding ang mohs. X:

* Stalking in progress* X:

The green murky waters of Singapore River.

Merlion ~

After that we were supposed to look out for F&B outlets, their services, blahblah, but guess what we ended up looking for?
Yep, you're correct. ANG MOHS! X:

Walked to Central to buy the Hokkaido icecream, super nice.
Then started walking around, finding ang mohs for Sonia. Saw one, and she wanted to take picture with the guy.

Benjamin Chia: Excuse me, we are playing a game right now and we need to take a picture with a foreigner. Do you mind?

HAHAHA. So took pictures X:

He clever lor, thought of the excuse of Amazing Race.
Then saw a few more along the way. And Neddeley helped her to ask.
Here they are..

Ned, Sonia, Angmoh ;x

JiaLin, JiaYi, Jeslynn, JiaXin, Neddely, Sonia, Angmoh, Angmoh's friend, Benjamin Chia

JiaLin, JiaXin, JiaYi, Felicia, Angmoh, Sonia, Angmoh, Benjamin Chia, Jeslynn, WuYing

Well, I'm supposed to crop the photo and cut away everything except Sonia and the ang moh(s), but _____________.

Then we wanted to try walking past the water fountain(?). But halfway Ben Chia went to put his hand there and sprayed water at us -.- Lucky our reaction was (quite) fast. So not really wet.

And then Ben told us to look up and see if anyone will join us and start looking up too. Y'knw, we are supposed to trick them cause by looking up, people will think there is something there and start looking up also.

So he started looking up, but nobody saw.
Then when I look up, one person standing nearby also looked up, and those watching (E.g: Boyfriend, Ned, Felicia all started laughing.)

We were released after awhile, and earlier too. So walked to Central to look around. Then went seperate ways and trained home with BF and Fel.

Tuesday, 16 June

2nd day. Bused to JE interchange with BF then took mrt.
Lesson learnt: Do not take MRT during peak hours.
We went on seperate trains cause she didn't manage to squeeze in -.-
Lesson, teabreak, lesson again, then lunch @ Makan Place.
Went toilet super long and talked about some stuffs.
Then toured NP's library, and went to the Peranakan Museum.
Then got worksheet to do again -o- You know, those go over the place to find answers one? Ya, its that kind lor.

The wedding procession part and mourning section quirt eerie lor! Cause the wedding one hor, the dummies no face one and they look like jiang shi (Chinese vampire..?) with their clothes and that time when we went to that section, only got the two of us (Me and Fel) -.- So I just stood outside. Brave Felfel went in alone. Then got sensors, and started playing the sounds, which grew louder by the second. Scary -.-

The mourning part also got sensor, when you step it you'll hear crying sounds, even scarier. X: And you can actually walk into the display section where the "coffin" is.

Blahblah, then walked to Bugis. End up taking nps. Then trained home!


Monday, 15 June

First day of AEM.
Overslept again. Idk why but my dumb dumb alarm didn't ring.
Boyfriend called me at 0630 even though I didn't told her to, and that woke me up. Sweet of her right? :) And thanks to her, if not I'd have slept till eleven plus or something -o-

Went to school late. Was supposed to meet at seven. But in the end we around 0835 then took bus to Ngee Ann Poly -o-

Did some activities, groupings, blahblah. Ben Chia super funny. And talking to ChiongSua is really tiring la, ZZZ.


Since we were given 1 half hours, we went out after eating and sat there and read books. Guai right? :)

Bused to URA. Kept thinking it stands for Urban Residential Area ;x
Tummyache throughout. Went toilet after the light show(?) and it was very funny inside there, kept laughing.

Then bused to..

the Singapore Flyer(!)

Everyone was staring at the person's legs, he was doing fish spa. Then somebody said the fishies biting the man's leg hair. LOL.

Free time, took pictures and walked around.

Felicia, JiaLin, JiaXin.
The 3 Jia's! :P

Felicia has bad photography skills sometimes ;x

Then time to get onto the Flyer!
Was damn excited cause first time there ;x
Then I find it kinda scary to stand at the side.
Ben Chia say we all very cute because we keep pointing at the buildings or whatever below and sounding very excited LOL. Took many pictures. Was quite boring at the end, cause nothing to do inside the capsule.

In the capsule.

Ned(dely) and Ivan!
Boyfriend :)

Sonia's hand + ChiongSua's head.
WuYing and Sonia feeling bored?

Chio Jeslynn.
Toy cars! :D


So we started looking at the capsule after us, where a cleaner was supposedly cleaning the capsule. He cleaned for 15 mins then started sleeping on the chairs inside LOL. Super funny, but forgot to take photo to show y'all X:

Debrief, then released from there.
Ate at Popeyes. Nice can, nicer than KFC! ;D
Took pictures along the F1 track.

Started walking towards Esplanade, planning to take MRT home one.
Then Felicia went to call her dad and say he can drive us home, so changed tracks and headed through Marina Square towards Suntec. Got lost lots of times in the process -.-

My HBL die liao. Cannot do Acelearning ):



Uploaded all the photos and posted.
Goodnight! ;D