Monday, June 29, 2009

Homework homework go away, come again another day.

Five hundredddddd. !

Everytime also like this one.
Idk what to say about it already.

I wanna sleep.
But I can't.
Still doing homework yohz.

I'm so afraid that I will fall asleep halfway.
Nobody willing to pei me, pathetic lor.
Everybody is sleeping already.

So I'm watching BOF in between every two questions to keep myself awake.

Gee, why didn't my school extend holidays?!
Sucky yaaaa, tomorrow school reopen again.
Back to the same old boring schedule everyday.

I so-called hacked into Felicia's acelearning account.
With her permission, of course.
Copying the solutions.
Cannot even understand them ):

And writing parent's letter for not going for holiday remedial.
I got my father's signature ^^v
Shall not elaborate on how I got it.

Let's see..

Two English essays, Dare To Dream & Rivalry
One chinese zhouji, any topic
Two SEQ for SS
Many pages of Physics workbook
Maths, Holiday Quiz 1 & 2


Need I say more?