Tuesday, June 02, 2009

All the people you love.

I always have a sudden craving for something.
But this time round its not only one thing. Its a lot of things lei.
Sushi, pasta, dimsum. X:
As my son says, its 3 different types of cuisine lei.
Roar! ):

And now, I shall follow Boyfriend ;D

Felicia Cheeeeeeee, H-one!
This girl ah, tsktsk. I argue with her almost everyday.
She gives ridiculous advice, and she is veryvery stubborn and determined that things go her way when she thinks she is right.
She hates dirty stuffs, and duh, don't touch dirty things at all. (Meaning that she don't like to put her stuff on the floor, etc etc ~)
And she likes to act cute O:
Overall, there is nothing in common between both of us and we lack something (Which is why we always argue).
Oh, and then, she has a short temper ):
And her jokes are really *Brrrrr , shivers* (Sometimes.) Get it right? X:

You'll see us arguing now, but then a few minutes later, everything is back to normal.
Though her advice is really ridiculous, there are always some truths in them.
Well, I guess her strong character is good in some places, unless when she is wrong and insist that she is right.
And not liking to touch dirty things.. Well, this is understandable I guess? (:
She is always the one who is there when you are in trouble, and she will always give you support and of course, her (ridiculous) advice.
Although a lot of people don't like her, but trust me, after you get to know her better, you'll realise that she is not that bad. And moreover, she really changed a lot from last two years (:
Oh, and I missed out the Act-cute point hur. Well, acting cute.. Nevermind la hor. X:
Cracking lame jokes, can la. But hor Felicia, must know when!
LAST BUT NOT LEAST. She is the only person which I am comfortable with wearing heels when we go out!

P/s. See Felicia! I write so long for yours leh X:

TanJiaXinnnnnnn, Boyfriend, Riceball, H-two!
Siao gila (As Alfred described).
First impression of her: CRAZY. Or maybe too hyper.
Sometimes, I don't like what she does :P
She twits, and uhhhhhhhhh. Well, back to hyper I guess ._.
And she has moodswings.
And and and. She has many boy problems X:
We're brutally, and I repeat, brutally, honest with each other.

She really is veryveryveryveryvery (And it goes on and on...) crazy and hyper and siao and nuts and all the nouns(?) you can find to describe a mentally over-hyper person.
She is vvv friendly, though over-friendly sometimes, I would say.
Even though I don't like what you do or you can say, how you handle things sometimes, we always manage to sail through it.
Anyway hor, the twit thing, I put there to take up space one, cause... *Points to Felicia's loooooong paragraphs* See! Felicia's one I write till so long but Boyfriend's one like nothing to write lei.
Okay anyway, moodswings are normal. You tell me, who doesn't have moodswings? Even if you really manage to find somebody w/o moodswings I also won't believe you. X:
Boy problems ehy. This comes when she is over-friendly HAHAHA.
Being brutally honest with each other lets us improve our relationship also, I guess.
And I like her cause she replys my messages reallyyyyy fast (Most of the time.)
Lalala. I love this crazy kia. (OMG, it rhymes!)

OngHuiLun, HL milk, Cheeseball, H-three!
Ummmmm. About the same as what Bf has to say. (Refer to her blog.)
Because, first time when I really noticed him was when we assemble in the hall during Sec 1 orientation camp, and he was over there shouting rubbish with Eleazar. (Omg, can you believe it? For the first time, my memory didn't fail me. I can still remember it clearly -.-)
So I really didn't like him then, emphasize on THEN.
He can be really irritating sometimes.
Talks very loud.
Likes to bully people.
Same as Felicia, likes to crack cold jokes.
He is easily tempted, i.e : Zhong se qin you. X:

Well.. I used to dislike him. But then as I got to know him more, found out that he actually is okay de, but really can be irritating sometimes.
He talks very loudly, which means that whatever gossips or secrets that we're talking about, people within 5 feet of us can hear also. HAHAHA.
Bully hur.. More particularly, short people -.- Well, you get it.
Though his jokes are really lame at times, but other times, its still quite funny I guess? X:
His zhong se qin you problem hor, Idk what I can say about it liao. Tsktsktsk X:

AlfredAngTeckShin, Porkball, H-four!
He is very hyper in msn.
He is becomes very emo when people bully him.
He is very scary when he gets angry! T-T
Can be veryvery evil sometimes. X:
He hor, about the same as HL. Cause he zhong qiu qin you! HAHAHA.
Loves drawing. (But sucks at drawing people/animals)
Uber funny.

Being hyper in Msn.. Means that he keeps talking and talking (Or more like typing and typing), which means that the Msn thing keep over ding-dong ding-dong. LOL. Then make it difficult for me to take screenshots. X:
Then this Alfred-o , normally very hyper one, but when people bully him, he become super emo and quiet, don't talk at all one.
Don't ever make him angry, cause I'm really scared of him when he is angry. Face really really is BLACK colour der. X: Unless you want to die faster, don't anger him.
Ebil. Meaning likes to bully people again la.
ZHONG QIU QIN YOU! Tsktsktsk. You guys understand? If not nevermind, I'll explain now. I say zhong qiu qin you, is because he can pangseh us for the sake of basketball! Very bad right, ):
Guys like drawing is not a bad thing actually. But the thing is, if I use eBuddy(Meaning that he cannot draw on Msn), he will keep complain complain complain until can draw.
Being very funny means that he make me have stomachaches everytime, cause laugh until tummy pain everytime. And if on Msn chatting and I'm laughing like that, my family will think that I'm being crazy, cause laughing at a computer screen.
Then hor, Alfred is very good at keeping secrets! Whatever you tell him to keep secret, he 100% won't tell one! So very trustable (:
And lastly, he is very cute, LOL.

Wheeeeeee. Okay done ;D

Pp/s. Maybe u/d later.