Saturday, May 23, 2009

that is what i think.

(I think.)


It is like super disappointing.
Tsk. ):

Went out with Boyfriend yesterday.
We met at the bus stop and bused to JP without even knowing where we're going lol. Messaged ZiYan, she was at JP also, then in the end WenJun also there, at the arcade with his friends, so went to find him after we met up with ZiYan.

He was playing car racing, and ZiYan went to rub his cheeks. Hahaha. He tio shocked and kept asking who was that. The two of them super funny lor.

Then went to find the auntie again, ate yoghurt(as usual). X:

Decided to train to Bugis last minute. Ate takoyaki, and went to Kinokuniya. Bought Jeff Abbott's book. And it cost me around 30 bux! O:

Talked about manymany stuffs with Boyfriend on the train there and back.
And Boyfriend kept saying gonna make me addicted to Insomnia ~

Today went to JP find mummy, ate at Fish & Co. Walked around after ZiYan came.
Bought another book .
And the fire alarm went off. That is like the first time I hear one in JP even though I go so many times before ;o

Piles of homework waiting for me. Especially chinese work which I owe ZLS. ):


Boyfriend is totally correct.
I cannot communicate in msn. (Besides with Alfred)

Gah, boring.
Soooooo , byebye!