Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Talking with Alfred just now and my son on msnnnn.
Alfred damn funny again.

Suddenly say that he don't like girls with fat thighs wearing fbts cause damn fugly. Then he say only those whose legs very very slim, very very slender one wear then nice, and guys will have nose bleed until have a pool of blood. So I say Ms Chong, and Alfred drew a stickman with blood coming from the nose and a pool of blood at the legs. Then he suddenly say imagine Yangmehmeh wear fbt, omg! Then I draw stickman with puke coming from the mouth and a pool of it at the legs X: HAHAHA.


Okay, so today is Amath paper and for those taking pure humans/Bio, they got one extra paper X: Amath paper = FAIL w/ FLYING COLOURS.

Waited for JiaXin/Felicia/Alfred after that. Went JP, then ate at Subway ;D Then went to Creative Art Corner find auntie, sat there for a lonnnng time and talk, walked around, went to look at stuffs and bought sushi, back to find auntie, then bought yoghurt, talkedddddd until 5 plus, 6 then bused home with JiaXin.
*Phew* I said it in one breath, X:


Tomorrow after Emath Paper 2 going West Coaaaaaaaast! :D:D
And hopefully able to have loads of fun. I said hopefully, cause ______________.):

Okay! Gotta go, bye! ;D