Thursday, April 16, 2009


Konichiwaaaaa! Guess what?!
Choir got GOLD GOLD GOLD! :D:D
Congratulations :)
We finally did it after so long! d:

Morning, bused to VCH with choir.
DionLoh and WenHui lie to me lor. Tch, those two sakuras. LOLOL~

Then we were the first to perform! Among the few schools which we heard, I think our White Horses is the bessssssst! Then Musica Dei and the jap song also very nice :)

Bused back to school, had fun like usual. :D
Keep singing on the bus again.
Reached school, pei them go toilet change back and wash hair.
Then went to canteen eat and slackkkkk. As in pon lesson lah X:
Until twelve. Me and Diyanah were laughing like shitzxzxzxzxzx! :D

ShiTing eating medicine, then she ate a lot of pills already, then suddenly pull out one bottle. Pink and white! Then I snatched it and started laughing. LOL. Then when ShiTing snatched back, her elbow accidentally hit her opened waterbottle and the water got poured onto Angie's bag. Then Angie's face from laugh laugh immediately become GAW SHI TING! MY BAG! lolols ~

After school cabbed to Singapore Poly with Ms Lim, Kristie and Azhar.
Ate the "refreshments" there, then went into the hall. Afterwards briefing, then took MRT to Lakeside. Then wait for bus superrrrrrr long. Cause thanks to Azhar, we missed the bus before -,- Then I went home directly instead of going back to school. Shhhh. d:

Okay lah, whatever. Byeeeeeee!