Saturday, April 11, 2009

crap or crab.

Hello peep.
Well, these two days been out with Tan Jia Xin.
Here's a short update. Yes, I consider the below short.

10 April
He dropped us off at Bugis Junction. Us as in me and JX. Went to look for Kinokuniya. Anyw I didn't find the books that I wanted, but bought some vampyre/vampire novels. It cost a bomb(not that I know how much a bomb costs). And anyw I'm sure that a bomb costs way more expensive about ten to the power of a hundred the price of the books. Okay, I'm starting to sound like Alfred. Sigh.

Then walked around. JX wanted to go Bugis Street but was raining heavily(with all the thunder & lightning), so stayed at Bugis Junction till he came to pick us up.

JX was supposed to go home early since she's going out for steamboat with her family later on, but she came to my house and slack instead. Went inside my room, and oh god, we started reading the books that I bought. For about 2 hours. Without speaking or anything. Gee, I think I'm really turning into a geek/nerd or whatever you call them. Ya'knw.

I think I ate like 4 times that day. Wanton soup, cheesecake, takoyaki, rice. Omg, ya'll think that I am starving or not having eaten anything for the past few days.

He totally spoiled my mood at night.

11 April
Bused to JE interchange to find JX. We took seperate buses because I left my damn wallet at home and had to walk back to take my wallet while she already boarded the bus. Makes sense? Well anyw I was feeling totally crappy so I sent a totally random msg to JX. Since I did that she followed suit with a wierd msg and we continued crapping until I reached the interchange.

Trained to Bugis. Went to Kinokuniya again. Bought the sequels to the vampyre series which I bought the day before, cause you're right, I already finish reading those 3 books. Super right, I know, hahaha.

Bought takoyaki on the way cause I've not eaten the whole day. But anyw its really nice lah. Then trained to Tampines. Got off, met L and SY, and in the end they say taking mrt again. Dumb la. Trained to Pasir Ris, bused to E!Hub. Bowling, lanes all full. Sat there looking like idiots for quite a long time. In the end decided to go Safra. Which I didn't, cause I needed to go home, supposedly.

And JX chose the guys over me, and she pangseh-ed me! Okay. Just kidding. She was hesitating whether to go with me or with the guys, so I just left her at the traffic light and walked to the bustop myself. I waved bye to her but I think she did not even look back at me.

Trained all the way back to JP. So boring on the train, lucky there were this two kids who kept me entertained for the first few stops. They were uber cute, playing: Vampyre vampyre vampyre chest! LOL. Then they later switched to the baby version(which is basically the same just that they sub vampyre with other word). And I had my books to keep me company too :)

Reached JP then realise I have no curfew. Dumb lah, I know. Maybe it was just my excuse of not going to Safra. So sorry. Was feeling uber crappy and tired and shitty the whole day.

So called Felicia. Lucky she was at home and she joined me after 15 minutes of waiting time. Walked around and I got myself two pairs of new flip-flops. Okay, seriously I might be getting out of hand. I mean, I spent more than $150 in two days. And I haven't even been to Tampines One yet. Scary, I know. I've tried controlling myself, but sadly, it doesn't work for me.


Weeeeell. Guess that's all. No pictures, sorry peep. Wait till next time, when I am in a better mood. I'm in crappy mood all day. All thanks to this great person I've got. Really great, just ask JX. Actually, WenJun also knows who lah. He smsed me just now, and I managed to laugh though I was feeling so crappy. Must try go his house tomorrow evening.

I LOVE HOLIDAYS. Or maybe I do not. Well, depends ._.

And my son is sick! O: must take care of yourself kayyyyyyys! gws!

And wierd and weird. I always confuse these two spellings.

And how weird. I remember buying sushi with JiaXin but totally forgetting when. Oh wait. I remembered! It was on thursday. Omg, I seriously have some serious problems with my brain. Ah okay, so we went to get sushi @ JP and went to visit the auntie. We had a nice chat with her and she gave us a bar of chocolate. Which is still in my bag btw. Omg.

Oh fking shit! I just realized that my oral is on MONDAY. And my godly examiner is the 40-year-old virgin, MS WONG.
Omg, did I just say that?! O:

Argh. I've already finished the 2 books that I bought today! ): I don't like my reading speed. Its way too super for me.

And I want sushi again. Drools.

Zzz. So random.

Thankyou JX, TX, Fel.

Okay, bye.
I am not going to write out what great things the great person did to make my life so great. Yes, this great despo shit.
And sorry for all the vulgar.

I told 'cha I'm in a crappy mood.