Monday, April 06, 2009



I bought $43 worth of tidbits just now.

I am gonna stuff myself with junk food mainly because of two reasons. Both of which I'm not planning to list out.

Wow. I just realised this is my 444th post. I thought I was gonna post something special in this post, but.. Nothing.

So anyway.
School, Choir, Home. What more do I need to say?

Oh fyi. I broke down and cried in front of so many people today during my audition. But it was not because I was scared/nervous. I did it so many times already. Idk what came over me just now. Okay, maybe it was partly due to anxiety, but mostly.. I know it is not. It was due to _________________________ ):
Bah! Whatever. No one cares anyway. Just stop using that oh-so-sarcastic expression at me, tyvm.

I am so going to gain like, 10kg over this week.
Next week, you guys will see a pui ter sitting at Low Jiayi's seat. DO NOT ask who she is. She will be only too happy to kick your ass and sit on you until you become roti prata :)


I am jolly well NOT in a happy mood now.

I hope I do not have swollen eyes tomorrow.

So there. Bye.