Monday, April 20, 2009

Ah, my other computer is dead. So I have to make do with this older and lousier and more laggy computer- whereby there is no software installed for my camera, no AuditionSEA, no Photoshop, until my other computer is fixed, or until my dad decides buy a new one (Hopefully).

Unfortunately, I need to design some logo for the YOG as the English project, and Ms Chua said it has to be done on computer. Thus now I have no software or anything to design the logo. And she wants it by Monday. Let's cross our fingers and see that I manage to find some other way to design the logo. Again, hopefully.

And I really regretted missing 3 days of lessons (Not that I had any choice). Now I can't catch up with Math at all. Actually, I should say that I cannot catch up with Physics and Chemistry too. Last Friday, I stayed back for Physics class test. Along with Kenny, ShuWuen and ZhiXian. And from what I remember, I only did the MCQ questions and one of the Section B question. Terrible, I know. But I seriously didn't know the answers for the other questions. I am so gonna need extra remedial.

WuYing fell in love with Jonathan's mickey mouse key(chain) today. She kept unhooking it off his pencilcase and playing around with the key(chain). She even said that she will buy it from him, but obviously Jonathan don't let her, since he bought it in HK.

CheeYuan cut out Amy Winehouse's picture from the 'IN' section of the newspaper today and pasted it on the noticeboard. He asked for others' papers, so that he could cut out more of Amy Winehouse's picture and use it to form '3S4' on the board. Too bad she looks really ugly in that picture :P


Alright. I shall go back to my English essay. Bye :)
and I still have so many things undone, Fantabulous.