Saturday, March 14, 2009


Went to JP ._.
Watched 'Race To Witch Mountain', not bad ehy.
But only got Felicia, L, SY and me. No jiaxinnnnnn D:
After the movie, went to bentobox. Waited for JiaXin there and ate lunch meanwhile. I think the guys got quite pissed cause Felicia kept telling them to eat when they didn't want to.

JiaXin came, went to walk around. Went to Creative Art Corner(I remembered the name this time round, HAHA) and JX did a W & B for L and SY, cause she says that one is Mr Black and one is Mr White, LOL (They everytime also wear black and white one.)
Then went Kiddy Palace to play with the toys, LOL.

After that, walked around aimlessly again. So decided to go play pool. Took bus to Arena. Stomachache on the way x.x Then when Edmund called back, he said that he is at Arena playing pool also ._. When reached there, saw Edmund, Leon, ShengRong and JianRong playing pool. Everytime confirm the few of them one lors .

Then played till 6, went Burger King.
SY ate there, Felicia sit awhile then her uncle come fetch her ler. Then took pictures, and bused back to JP. L and SY went home, then I go dabao my takoyaki, bused home with JiaXin.

JiaXin, and her in my specs o.o

keep hiding -.-

and finally they agree to one shot .

Some overdue photos .

Doodles by: WuYing, the "famous" (polka-dot) designer.
I tell you lor, my this partner hor, everytime feeling bored will just pick up her pen and start doodling on my books/worksheet/paper/table, whatever it is lah ._.
I'll upload the photos of all her doodles at the end of this year. I think will have more then a few hundred pictures .

OREO CHEESECAKE(!) . and what we made the other day.

JiaXin in my choir gown O: & me and jiaxin.

random shots.

jiaxin, and books? LOL.