Wednesday, March 18, 2009


won't be updating tmr, cos im going to camp! gonna miss my computer lots. ):

Konichiwaaaa :D
Okay, so today supposed to wake up at 8 . and i did okayy. But I turned the alarm off and continued sleeping O: woke up at 9.47 , sian diao lor. Rushed to school, computer lab one. Skipped math remedial again lehh.

Did part of the NWSP writeup, and got surveys and research needed to be done again. Bahhh. Ate my packed lunch, went to front porch. Then bused to SRMC. The appearance not what I had expected lah X: waited for the other school's choir to come out, then can go in to their music room. Then did warmup and stuffs. Mr Kapriyo came. (What i actually heard is kapriyo lah, idk if spelling correct or not X;) And I think his name is pronounced as Kar-pree-yo! KPY for short :D

Mr KPY was very funny :D
Then bused back to school.


Tomorrow camp! And it's not ShiTing who is doing the grouping.
* prays that I am not in the same group as - *
* prays that I am in the same group as - and under JiaXin :D *
And I still haven't pack, omg.

Remember to put a lift here * points to the corners of mouth *
Some people call it a smile.

Alfredo is super bored now. So talking to him on msn :D

I need people help me do survey! Who want volunteer? X:

Actually, there is a lot of things I haven't done :/
Okay, nevermind. Byebye!