Saturday, March 07, 2009

My leg is killing me.

I've just finished bathing, so now I am here to talk about my dayyyy.

As per normal, I woke up quite late x.x Then bused to school, meet JiaXin, bused to JE. Saw TYZ and his brother on the bus o.o Trained to Outram Park. I told JiaXin this on the way: One reason why I dislike taking the train is because if anyone puts their hand up(to hold on to whatever,) you'll be able to smell the fragrance of their armpits. LOL. Waited for Felicia, then trained to Harbourfront, walked to Vivo.

Then met Lionel and his friend, HoHoHo at Candy Empire. One wore white and the other wore black x.x Went to eat at Superdog. The iced mocha I ordered was very bitter(to me), so Felicia went to take some sugar syrup from the counter. Then Mr HHH poured duper lots of syrup into my mocha, so it became so sweet that I think we can get diabetes if anyone finished that drink. And then Mr HHH still went ahead and drank some leh! ==

Then went to buy movie tickets. I treated the 4 of them lah, including my tix, cost $40 x.x After that nothing to do, so went to Pageone. Slacked there, and chatted. JiaXin started to hyper around this time, I think?

Went in the cinema, that is when I poured popcorn all over Felicia accidentally. Sorry to Felicia and HHH(the popcorn is his). After that I picked up some of the popcorn that dropped on the floor, and passed it to HHH, telling him to throw the popcorn to the front(bad luck to whoever it lands on). But he ate it instead(!), LOL. Ate popcorn with cheese, very nice leh. Then watched our movie, Marley and Me. It's not bad, but the ending is sadddd. And it's quite funneh and touching also. Felicia rushed off for her care group thing right after the movie.

Walked around, then went to Build-A-Bear. Saw Miss Agnes Chan there, with her boyfriend(i think)! Then she very cute lahh :D Toys'R'Us next, went there to playyyy. We very crap lahs. We went into the dolls section, then got one poster say, Girls' Favourite. Right after that we saw a small boy taking one big doll and crying to his parent, cause he wanted the doll! Cute right! Haha. Then L was like: Woah, obviously not only girls like dolls. Then he started saying he didn't see anything, cause just minutes ago he said that boys don't like dolls.

Then I wanted eat at Sushi Tei one, but the queue super long. So in the end we trained to Outram, and walked to Chinatown x.x I suddenly remembered that the four of us went into some idk what, "shopping center"? -.- Then we were walking in rounds looking for the food court, thanks to the signboards. In the end, we ate at Mac, really gonna grow fat lor. Then Mr L so thin already, still don't want eat cause he scared get fat. Then mixed Milo + Sprite + Mocha(?)Latte, drank some. Not bad okay! Then walked to MRT, trained home. Reached home around 9pm I think.

P/s. Yes NJX(NGJIAXIN), I am so gonna kill you -.-
Pp/s. NJX! ==
Ppp/s. HHH, we still found out your name in the end! Muahahahs. Its S--Y-- right! ;D

I think I should wait until I get back all my papers before I post my results ._.