Tuesday, March 10, 2009


___ went to somebody's blog, and the blog owner's photos, really make me wanna puke ;D
That person hor, ACBC one lor! You know, like trying to make himself/herself/itself look cute or pretty on camera, when in real life they are really - *pukes*.
*AHEM* So yahh, if they manage to look good on camera, I still don't mind so much. BUT THEN HOR! That person still look like
shyt on camera lehhhhh D: AND ___ JUST TOLD ME THAT THE PERSON IS CHAOTAH DER, so look even more like you-know-what.

And don't worry, I'm not talking about you, you or you, don't anyhow make ridiculous assumptions okay. I'm talking about ___.

Okayyy, I should start talking about our(JiaXin, Felicia, me) baking process.
We went to the market area to buy our ingredients, then they came to my house to bake lah. JiaXin's muffins was a sucess ;D While me & Felicia's chocolate was like #@^%$&*%. LOLOL, okay lah, not so nice only but still edible. Then I want bake cookies another time! :D:D


ALRIGHHHHT. Nothing to blog about liao, BYE. :D

I got back all my papers, so here are my lousy results! Even though I know they're very lousy, I still don't allow you to laugh okay! X:

EL- 10/25 (Can't believe I failed EL! T-T)
MT- 66/100 (Damnit siols :/)
Emath- 19/50
Amath- 13/50
Physics- 15/50
Chemistry- 34/50
Humanities- 16/25

Overall, F. Real lousy lah.

Oh, and then, tomorrow choir is performing lah!
*gasp, omfggggggg* Must pin up fringe and wear tie leh ):

Okay, so that's all I wanted to post.