Saturday, February 28, 2009

You're so hard to please.

You know, I discovered something interesting today.
Rolling red bean paste is fun!
No, I'm not joking, I'm 100% serious.

Today, after I woke up, my aunt wanted to make pau. And she wanted me to help her. So I helped her sift the floor and roll red bean paste into ball shaped. It was quite fun lah!
And the end result was not bad, quite nice also :]
Lolol, okayyy :/

After that got ready to go out with JiaXin. Went to the busstop, and bused to Jurong Point together.
Then went to CreativeArtCorner, yayyyyy, I finally remembered the name(!) . Okay so yah, anyways, went there. It's like every Saturday we will go there one x.x Even the auntie remember us already.
Ate my takoyaki finally ._.
And then walked to the library, spent a long time finding tables.
In the end we just sat on the floor between the rows of books. Started doing homework.
Then camwhored a little also x.x

It started raining when we were on the way back to JP.
Bused home with JiaXin, that's all lah.

I can't cope with everything. School, homework, relationships.

I feel like this year's CT come so fast, I haven't even prepared for it yet, and it's already coming at me at full speed.
Homework, homework, homework. Almost every single pathetic day there will be homework. And I can't even concentrate at home. Stay back in school? I always do. But always cannot finish also, and there are other distractions. It's like tons of homework, can you finish it in a few hours?
Friends, family, whoever. Problems. I've always been arguing with Felicia. Every single day we will bu shuang each other. Everyday she'll give me attitude, and Felicia, I really hate your AP. Family, I don't even wanna talk about it. Totally sucks. Whoever, you know.

I am so tired. Of these problems, of everything.
Please stop .