Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heylo !
Today was, a little better than avg.

1st period, English.
Ms Chua treating us to Mac or smth tmr leh!
She good lahhh. 39 people. She gonna be broke ler.

Physics. Went to lab & did some experiments.

After recess was Chem, very funny lors!
There's a hose connected to the top tap.
then Jonathan put the end of the hose to the bottom tap.
& he on the tap. then the water sprayed out! LOL.
After that we started talking abt tongue twisters.
She sells seashells by the seashore, & th peter piper one.
Then we replaced S with Sh, Sh with S.
(See shells sheasells by the sheasore, xD)
Then Nickson & GekHooi played 5-10-15!
They not supposed to laugh. Y'knw why I didn't play? Cos just by watching them play I can burst out laughing alrd.
Then we keep chatting, Ms Lin don't knw cos she explaining the experiment to other people. xD


Humanities. SARKS LAH.
Totally s-u-c-k :/
We're supposed to do a project.
But very mafan lahs.

Lunch break.
Then had Amath test.
The other classes said it was freaking difficult, but I find it still okay leh.
Although Im likely to get a fail. X:
Then Mdm Yee gave us an AngBao each.
She said inside got $10,000 . LOL.
Then actually inside is our homework lors!

Then went home without handing in the Humanities assignment :/
Heck lah, i also hvnt finish lor.

Tmr class bonding, recess, CNY celebrations.
So I think whole day no lesson.
No, wait. There's still 1 hr of HMT after the concert -.-
Spoiler siah.

Anw, i did this video out of boredom d:

Suddenly lost the urge to blog.
Photos some other time.
Goodnight! :]