Monday, October 27, 2008

I just realised. One bar of chocolate costs arnd $2 .
games for th bbq is gonna be funny okay.
i mean, th games are not funny, but i think th people playing are gonna look funny ._.
just hope tht i wont get beaten up by them after th bbq.
cos' im gonna take photos t make a class video :D

anw , went t eat sushi & jap food ytr.
was nice ohk.
i ordered tempura udon & a oreo milkshake .
th noodles were as thick as my little finger & th bowl was simply gigantic.
& th glass of oreo milkshake was about twice th height of my ph.
so duh, i cant finish everything & gave half th udon t my dad, & half th glass of milkshake t my bro.

then my mum got her new ph (finally).
& my mum bought me heels as my other pair was, well, idk how t say.
then went t playground .
Richard brought his chiwawa along agn.
& some people were having a bbq there .
So got a lot of extra kids . Small kids.
then blahblah. & went hme.
ohk. Before i forget,