Saturday, August 16, 2008

Helloh! Im bacq :D:D
ytr evening, went down t playground t play agn.
with JiaXin, WenJun, Ziyan, my bro, JingFu(?), Samantha, Edwin, Louis, Louis's bro, & 小 sat ong (meaning Sat Ong's bro).
Okay lah, I duno how t spell SatOng(?!) derh name -.- Just call him M-O-E. xD

we played ice & freeze, then run like hell lorh.
its been a long time since I ran like tht -.-

then blahblahblah, then went home.
bathed , then go back room make cards. Lol.
then played monopoly with my bro & cousins.
then slept.
just finished breakfast nia.

{Felicia} LOL -.- Okaye..
{♥Tzehwee} eh, i duno leh. when you all free? tchers day must go back shuqun horh :D
{shi tinqq} lol, y leh? you know i like t post other pple's photos . thanks :]
{RICEBALL!♥} lol, y leh? thkq.

ltr gng watch movie at JEC. :D:D
Journey to The Centre Of The Earth.
blehhhh .
Ciao! :D