Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ah. I wanted t post a lot of stuff.
But Im lazy t type out. d:
And now I forgot whad I wanted t say.

Okay. Let's just talk about tday.
first period is math.
then mt. went ava room for th compo test.
lent dictionary from Shawn . & his dictionary horh, vandalise until no space t vandalise alrd -.-
then had History.
& recess.

then ..
its science, boring luh :/
then English.
mr yeo made us play scrabble, as competition, so whichever side wins will be th winner for charade, since both boys & girls same mark.
then ME.
was not really listening though :|

After sch, went up t staffroom t look for Ms Tai.
but she nort there. so shun bian wait for Eleanor t come down.
but they having compo test.
so went down with Shi Ting & Tingting t eat first.
Eleanor came down a bit ltr, and Cherlyn followed.
then we started t get a bit crazy, well not really a bit, but yeah.
we over there zi-high, me, ShiTing & Eleanor -.-
then slackkkk, while making th cards for th tcher.

then went up t music room for choir.
Felicia bought th cake as planned, and we switched off th lights.
then Ms Angila came in, "Happy Teacher's Day!", and then th same thing larhh .
then blahhhhhh .
went t canteen t eat th cake.
and Felicia gort pissed off over smth minor -.-

Haishzxzx, I KNOW ITS BORING .
Just don't fall asleep in front of th computer.
And so, I shall not continue crapping and posting rubbish.