Friday, May 23, 2008

warning, long post ahead.

am darn sians.
just finished bathing.

dis morning gt class bonding, im happy tht everyone brought some food :D
then kristie they all organised th games.
fun luh, [:

but bounce until butt pain lerh. X:
i asked Jolene demo what is hop.
then she over there hophophop(with one leg in th air),
then say, boing! boing! boing!
LOL. then we keep laughing.

then th balloons thing.
i kept screaming.
it was fun :D

then i stepped on Azhar's balloon,
but th balloon just bounce back and dint burst, o.o

th girls lost.
then Kristie, Sally & Jolene did forfeit.
drank th cups of disgusting stuff :/

Sally, she pro lorh.
drink as if its plain water leh! :/
if its me, i think i'll puke.

then aft tht is another game,
tie fruit to a pole with string, then bite.
at first i thought tht is girl & boy bite th same thing.
in th end is two different fruit.
nt as thrilling , :X

If I was thinking tht th cup of stuff couldn't be more disgusting, I was wrong.
cos some of them went t add a lot of chilli and pepper, which is like.
ughs. :/
Each of th guys drank a little.
Some drank quite a lot, some only took a sip.

Leslie only took a sip of th cup of stuff, & ltr on he was spluttering & coughing.
Cos A LOT of pepper.

then dnt.
slacking in class, cos left one period only.
went toilet & tried on th baju kurong.

then PE, me & Nisa ran one round.
we stopped just outside th canteen, in th middle of th road.
Cause Nisa's shoelaces came out.
& she couldn't put them back, lol.
then i lied down there.
While waiting for her t finish.

then we ran agn.
she told me tht she tied th shoelaces arnd her ankle, cos she wasn't able t put them back -.-
then she run halfway, her shoe fly out -.-!
lucky nv hit my face.

then blahblah, went PE room.
found Shi Ting, Cheena & some others inside.
took skipping rope, & skipped.
Lol, i know tht its lame :/

then Adrian, Shengrong, and some pple were sitting there.
then Adrian keep borrowing skipping rope.
then me & Nisa skipped, then Cherlyn they all also (:
fun, but very tired aft tht.
iloveeeeeeeskipping, :D

then recess.
i think i left my pe shirt at th tables, ohgawd.
again. last time left in ava rm.
nw leave at canteen.
I lost 2 pe shirts in a term -.-

After 1 period of English(slacking), we went t hall for assembly.
then blahblah.
Since Javan is sitting bside me & Nadin, we talked thru th whole thing.
& HuiLun came up with some lame game -.-
duno what real or fake.

then blahblah.
walked t th specs shop with Nadin t get my new specs.
and dropped off my bag bat home.
then took bus t Nadin's hse.

Im terribly afraid of cats man. XX:
bu then. its okay after all.
At first it was scary.
but i got along well with th black one.
th white cat seemed t be scared of and disliked me.
I also dun really like her. :/

then sat in Nad's bedroom and chatted.
while choosing baju kurong(s).

okiee. picture time! :D
plse do not follow without adult supervision.

cupcakes! :D

Sally finishing.

packing my bag for tmr's wedding.
okie, byebye!
I have tuh find matching shoes!